Best Sex Positions for Couples

Sex is becoming hard to find when you want the right person because of many fears of the resulting allegations. People do not want scandals and are therefore not opening up to their partners sexually. The issues make having sex worth considering with a person you can trust. On the other hand, it also increases the demand for sexual positions because you only have a few partners and you do not want to turn your sex life into a boring exercise. The article gives you best sex positions for couples so that you continue experiencing the pleasure and excitement as though you are still doing it for fun.

Babymaker position

The position of the baby making is common, and that is why people often get pregnant unknowingly. It is the missionary position where the male is on top, and there is a pelvic tilt. You can enhance the position by having a pillow under the tush so that your pelvic raises up a little bit, and you get a slide effect. It is useful because it lets the semen drip into the vagina and it can also improve the woman’s changes and speed to orgasm. It should be your choice for the morning after sex because of the ease of reaching orgasm.

You on top

The style also goes by the name “ride a bull” in some quarters because the woman is on top like riding a bull in rodeo sports. It gives her the feeling of danger as though she will break the man’s penis but it also allows her to control the pace of the thrusting. She has to do some work for the lifting and releasing her body, and that is why this is an awesome position for building confidence. It may help shy women overcome their inhibitions in bed because the pleasure usually takes over in a second, and they become wild. Over time, it can be a reliable way of making the man rest without killing the intensity of the action.

Girl on top sitting on the penis

Unlike the “ride the bull,” in this position, the man will do all the work, and the lady supports herself over the man. She sits facing the man in a kneeling position, so that has feet face downwards and stomach faces the man. The mean meanwhile will hold the lady by the bottom with both hands and use the elbows to support the position on the bed. The lady then remains somehow suspended over the man, sitting on her man’s arms that hold up like support structures. The position works well because the man experiences no discomfort while thrusting deep into the vagina. The lady experiences intense pleasure and can easily orgasm. The additional grip on the ass improves the lady’s and man’s experience.

Fox position

Fox position is useful for hitting it like its no one’s business as most mature women expect their man to do. It is a dominant style for the man, and it forces the women to become submissive in her reaction to her man. It is a source of lasting relationships because it forces the women to see the fire in her man’s anguish while he grabs her violently while his sweat thrushes her beautiful skin. She is likely to swell in anticipation of ejaculation, and the position is magical when they both come.