Introduction to Female Condom

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The female condom was available since two decades ago even though many people have no idea of its existence. It is not a common product despite its many benefits and functional uses. The condom is available worldwide, and you can order it online too. There are seven secrets you need to know about it. Here is the 2. introduction to female condom giving you access to the secrets so that you can use it effectively to improve your sexuality while also taking care of your health and source of happiness with your partner. It can let you live an almost carefree life that you want without the negative consequences associated with it.


It is an essential part of the prevention toolkit

The condom for females is a dual protection kit. It is a protection against the unintended pregnancy and the sexually transmitted infections. It is a wonderful resource for a woman who cannot tell her partners to use a condom or not to ejaculate inside her. There are more than 200 million women who wish that their men would use contraception. When you have such worries, put them aside and get the female condom. It is the first women-specific solution designed for use by women when it comes to sexuality.


It is pleasant to a man

Most men do not want condoms because they tend to reduce the sensitivity of the sexual intercourse. Thus, they feel less pleasure experience about the whole process. However, with the female condom, they continue to experience every sensation just as they would when there was no condom. The female condom does not wrap around the male penis, and that is why it is a favorable solution compared to other options. It also improves men’s appreciation of the women because they realize that the partner considers their pleasure while also minding protection.


It increases sexual pleasure

The condoms will increase the experience of intimacy. It inserts into the vagina before sex and sits then throughout the sexual experience. Therefore, there is no physical act of inserting that takes place during the actual sex. The partners can transition from foreplay into sex at their convenience anywhere they want. There is no risk of ruining the moment by trying to find the condom like it always happens with men.


You have a choice

There are many female condom types available on the market, and you can go with the most pleasing choice for you. Most women will say they have different reactions to different materials and that is why having the choice is a good thing. There are latex condoms, latex-free condoms, hormone -free condoms and differently designed ones to fit all kinds of vagina shapes and sizes. They are also universally available through online sources.


They are affordable

The condoms for females are affordable because they give you pleasure, restore your love life, and introduce a high level of trust in your relationship. These are benefits without a price tag. Furthermore, the product is very effective at preventing diseases or pregnancy and that in itself saves you a lot of money.…

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Tips to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

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Performance in bed is a source of pride for every man, and when you cannot shoot at the right time, things can take a downward spiral in your life. You will start feeling less self-respect and your partner might develop less appreciation for you. Many relationships fail because the man is not shooting at the correct time. Most people want to enjoy sex only to end the whole process as soon as it starts. According to research, about 40% of all men will suffer premature ejaculation for some reasons. Luckily, this is not a permanent problem, and you can follow these 1. tips to avoid premature ejaculation.



Train your pelvic muscle

Most people will experience the premature ejaculation because they cannot stop themselves. They need the muscles to function well for them to prevent the issue. The muscles responsible for holding you from cumming are the pelvic muscles, and you can strengthen them using very easy exercises. You can find the exercises online, and they can take ten or twenty minutes daily. Most floor muscle training exercises for the pelvic areas will not need specialized equipment, and you can do them when you are at the office or anywhere else.



Slow down


When you are having sex, pay attention to your rhythm and mood. When you realize that you are increasing the tempo because the sex is getting exciting, get back to your sense and slow down. Some people may detach from the sexual experience and remove their penis from inside their partner. The action can help reduce the tempo and reset your rhythm so that you have to start again. This is also called a pause-start method so that you do not reach the peak. Remember that your partner takes longer to reach the peak and that is why there is a problem with premature ejaculation. Thus, delaying your arrival is a desirable thing to do.



Squeeze technique

You could squeeze the penis as a last resort to have an internal regulation that will unlikely have any energy-sapping effects like a normal ejaculation. The squeeze technique happens when you are about to ejaculate, and you remove your penis and squeeze its head until the ejaculation feeling ends, after that, you proceed with thrusting your penis inside your partner. It is an effective last-minute technique that should only serve for emergency purposes. It can lead to some unpleasant experiences for your partner, especially when you take long for the feeling to pass.



Talk to experts

Experts can examine the problem at a deeper level and advice you accordingly. They will check your lifestyle, your food, and many other seemingly unrelated things to find out an underlying cause of the premature ejaculation. They use both a medical and a psychological approach to help you out. They may recommend some medications or supplements to take a few hours before sex to calm you down and allow you to manage your energy effectively. They can be your long-term solution to dealing with the problem. It is better to spend a little money for lifetime happiness.…

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